Tilt Brewing Co. Story…

A  group of brewmasters  waiting to judge a college home brew competition were jealously watching a group of students playing pinball at San Clara University.  It reminded them of their college days when they were thinking big and hoping to land a job at a brewery.  The conversation evolved into talking about IPA’s and what they would do differently flavor wise if they had the “ball in their court”.  Big malt flavor, elevated yet still balanced bitterness but with an aroma hop dose that favored herbal tones.  Free form discussion that quickly evolved into the reality:  Tilt Brewing was on its way and a year later the seedling idea has evolved into the bottling Tilt IPA.

The brewer team even joked about having a Tilt pin-ball machine made and placing it in their brewery.  So much for joking around:  Here is the link to Aaron Drath’s on-line Tilt pin ball game   and an actual pin ball machine is being built.